Kleep is a girl living on the planet Astarr.  Her people were originally from the planet Ruel, which they still regard as their homeworld, but they have colonies on many other planets, like Astarr.  They are aware of Earth and send occasional research missions there to study Earth people and their habits, but Earth is unaware of their visits or of the existence of life on other planets.  Kleep’s parents disappeared while on a research mission to Earth, and Kleep (who appears to be in her early to middle teens although her age is never given) wants to become a space pilot one day so that she can go there to find them.

Kleep is from a family of scientists.  She lives with her grandfather, Arko, who is an inventor, and she sometimes helps him with his projects.   She helped her grandfather to build their robot, Zibbit, who is also programmed to show feelings, unlike other robots.  Kleep’s best friend is a boy named Till, and his mother, Falda, is Arko’s assistant.  Till shares in all of her adventures.

Although this is basically a sci-fi series for elementary school children, the last book in the series is largely fantasy.

I love the pictures in these books, which are all done in only three colors: black, white, and green.  Although, I do find it a little humorous that Kleep is specifically described as having pink hair, and the color choices for the pictures mean that it is only shown on the book covers, which are in full color.

Books in the Series:

Mystery Dolls From Planet Urd

A sinister inventor from another planet gives Kleep a present: a set of dolls.  Children on Kleep’s planet do not play with dolls, and Kleep thinks that they’re kind of creepy.  Then, she learns that these dolls aren’t normal dolls at all but are there to serve a sinister purpose.

Kidnapped on Astarr

Till’s mother mysteriously disappears, and Kleep and Till use a strange message that she left behind to find her.

The Mysterious Queen of Magic

Kleep and her friends search for a legendary queen to put an end to an evil wizard on another planet.