This is a short series of stories featuring characters from the Original Star Trek series when they were young and first entering Starfleet Academy.  There are only three books in the series with each book specifically focusing on a different character, although the the other characters make appearances in each other’s books.  Spock appears in all three of the stories, with McCoy and Kirk in the last two.  The series explains the reasons why these characters joined Starfleet and how they became the people they are in the television series, describing important events that helped to shape their characters.

Books in the series:

Crisis on Vulcan

As Spock prepares to enter the Vulcan Science Academy, he must solve a mystery concerning a diplomatic treaty and a series of sudden attacks on his family.  His adventures lead him to consider other paths for his life.


After Cadet Kirk accidentally gets himself and McCoy into trouble by breaking something while they’re playing football, McCoy finds himself pressed into service for the Disaster Relief service club.

Cadet Kirk

Kirk is disappointed when he learns that instead of piloting a famous scientist to a conference, he’s going to be the pilot for a couple of fellow students: Spock and McCoy (who is still not happy about how Kirk got him into trouble before).  When their ship is attacked by mercenaries looking for the famous scientist, Kirk must rely on his friends and some unorthodox strategies to help them escape and warn the scientist.