Fiction Books

General Fiction



Basil and the Lost Colony

Basil helps to unravel an historical mystery, tracking down a lost colony of mice in the Alps. By Eve Titus.

Mystery Aboard the Ocean Princess

A girl and her cousin who are on a cruise to Europe try to prevent the theft of a valuable painting being transported on their ship.

Mystery of the Golden Horn

A girl who has gone to live with her father in Turkey becomes friends with a troubled orphan girl and investigates strange things happening in the house where they are staying.  By Phyllis Whitney.

Mystery of the Secret Message

Penny moves to a new house with her aunt and uncle and receives a mysterious package mailed by her now deceased father that attracts unwanted attention from the strange people living next door.  By Elizabeth Honness.

Mystery on the Isle of Skye

An orphan girl takes a trip to Scotland with her relatives and carries out a series of tasks set for her by her grandmother.  By Phyllis Whitney.

Secret of the Tiger’s Eye

A girl and her family go to visit a relative in South Africa and solve the mystery of a theft that occurred years ago. By Phyllis Whitney.

The View From the Cherry Tree

A boy witnesses the murder of a neighbor and has to convince his family of what he saw before the killer can get him.


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

The basis for the movie of the same name but different in plot.  A magical car takes an inventor and his family on a trip to France where they find themselves battling a gang of smugglers.  By Ian Fleming.

Historical Fiction


Picture Books

Harvey’s Hideout

Harvey and his sister Mildred are bored and lonely over the summer because their friends are away.  The two of them spend a lot of time arguing and fighting, but that changes when Harvey makes a surprising discovery about the place where he has dug his secret hideout.  By Russell Hoban.

Starlight in Tourrone

Children in a small village in France revive an old Christmas tradition that brings life back to their town.

Fiction Series

Betsy and Eddie Books

The everyday adventures of a group of neighborhood children. By Carolyn Haywood. 1939-1986.

Ginnie and Geneva Series

When shy Ginnie moves to town, she makes friends with the more outgoing Geneva, and the two girls have adventures together.  By Catherine Woolley.  1948-1973.

Gus the Ghost Series

Gus is a friendly ghost who lives in an old house that has been turned into a museum along with his friends, a mouse, a cat, and Mr. Frizzle, who manages the museum.  By Jane Thayer. 1962-1989.

Hardy Boys Mysteries

Two brothers, Frank and Joe Hardy, solve mysteries in their East Coast town of Bayport and around the world. By Franklin W. Dixon, A Stratemeyer Syndicate series. 1927-Present.


Liza, Bill, and Jed Mysteries

About three siblings who solve mysteries together.  Many of them are treasure hunts.  By Peggy Parish. 1966-1986.

Meg Duncan Mysteries

Meg and her best friend Kerry solve mysteries in their small Virginia town and other places along the east coast.  By Holly Beth Walker. 1967-1972.

Nancy Drew Mysteries

Nancy Drew encounters and solves mysteries with her friends in her hometown of River Heights and around the world. By Carolyn Keene, A Stratemeyer Syndicate series. 1930-Present.

Old Black Witch Series

A witch who haunts an old house is horrified when someone buys it to turn it into a tearoom, but they end up becoming friends.  By Wende and Harry Devlin. 1963-1972.

Trixie Belden

A classic mystery series featuring a girl and her group of friends who solve mysteries and support good causes.  Created by Julie Campbell and continued by other authors. 1948-1986.