Fiction Books

General Fiction

The Adventures of the Red Tape Gang

A group of neighborhood friends form a club to right the wrongs of their neighborhood.

The Secret Summer

A brother and sister run away from their harsh baby-sitter to spend the summer secretly at the lake.  By Ruth Chew.

Susan’s Magic

A purchase at a rummage sale starts a series of events that lead Susan to be involved with a stray cat and the owner of an antiques store who needs help.  Susan’s involvement helps make things better for everyone, although Susan has to make some sacrifices in the process.  In return, she makes new friends, earns their respect, develops a new sense of identity, and makes peace with her parents’ divorce.  By Nan Agle.


The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

The Herdmans are the worst kids in town!  They’re bullies and thieves, and chaos follows them wherever they go.  What will happen when they decide that they want to be in this year’s Christmas pageant?  By Barbara Robinson.


Basil and the Pygmy Cats

Basil’s arch enemy, Professor Ratigan, has taken over the Asian country of Bengistan, near India.  Basil journeys there to rescue the rightful ruler and also undertakes a mission to locate a mythical species of mouse-sized cats.

The Ghost that Came Alive

Siblings who are making a car trip home without their parents become trapped by a storm at an old house full of sinister people and a possible ghost.  By Vic Crume.

The Mystery at Fire Island

A girl and her brother investigate a mysterious man near their family’s summer home.

The Mystery Hideout

Two boys solve the mystery of a gang of thieves and save one boy’s home from destruction.  By Ken Follett.

The Mystery in Dracula’s Castle

A boy who idolizes Sherlock Holmes agrees to help his brother with his Dracula movie over the summer and ends up finding a mystery to solve.  This is the novelization of a Disney movie.

The Talking Table Mystery

A pair of friends discover a strange table in the basement of an aunt that once belonged to a medium who gave seances at the house.  Now, someone is trying to get the diaries that were left with the table.

The Treasure of Kilvarra

A couple of American children visiting Ireland seek a hidden treasure with the help of a gypsy boy and learn a little about Irish history and legend.  By Elizabeth Baldwin Hazelton.

The Westing Game

A group of strangers who have recently moved into a new apartment building discover that they are the heirs of a reclusive millionaire but have to solve a puzzle in order to claim the inheritance.  By Ellen Raskin.


Historical Fiction

All The Children Were Sent Away

An English girl whose parents are sending her to stay with relatives in Canada during World War II has to make the journey by boat with a stern guardian. By Sheila Garrigue.

The Great and Terrible Quest

This story takes place in a fictional kingdom during the Middle Ages.  10-year-old Trad is an orphan who lives with his wicked grandfather who is part of a gang of bandits.  He helps a mysterious stranger with amnesia, a victim of his grandfather and his friends, who only remembers that he is on a great and terrible quest.

Journey to America

A Jewish girl and her family flee Germany during World War II.

The Master Puppeteer

A boy in feudal Japan joins a puppet theater and makes startling discoveries about a local folk hero. By Katherine Paterson.

Mystery of the Roman Ransom

The sequel to Detectives in Togas. A group of boys in Ancient Rome attempt to stop an assassination plot that threatens one of their fathers.  By Henry Winterfeld.

The Secret of the Strawbridge Place

The story takes place in during the Great Depression when Kate learns a secret about her family’s home that dates back to the Civil War.  By Helen Pierce Jacob.

Picture Books

Ginger’s Upstairs Pet

A little girl claims that she has a strange new pet, but her mother doesn’t believe her until she sees it for herself.

Fiction Series

Betsy and Eddie Books

The everyday adventures of a group of neighborhood children. By Carolyn Haywood. 1939-1986.

Cranberry Books

Maggie, her grandmother, and Mr. Whiskers the sailor have adventures in the small town of Cranberryport.  By Wende and Harry Devlin. 1971-1995.

Ginnie and Geneva Series

When shy Ginnie moves to town, she makes friends with the more outgoing Geneva, and the two girls have adventures together.  By Catherine Woolley.  1948-1973.

Grandma’s Attic Series

A granddaughter passes on stories that her grandmother told her about growing up on a farm in Michigan during the 1800s.  The stories often have a Christian moral.  By Arleta Richardson. 1974-1991.

Gus the Ghost Series

Gus is a friendly ghost who lives in an old house that has been turned into a museum along with his friends, a mouse, a cat, and Mr. Frizzle, who manages the museum.  By Jane Thayer. 1962-1989.

Hardy Boys Mysteries

Two brothers, Frank and Joe Hardy, solve mysteries in their East Coast town of Bayport and around the world. By Franklin W. Dixon, A Stratemeyer Syndicate series. 1927-Present.

Liza, Bill, and Jed Mysteries

About three siblings who solve mysteries together.  Many of them are treasure hunts, and many of them are set by family members.  By Peggy Parish. 1966-1986.

MacDonald Hall Series

Also called the Bruno and Boots series.  Bruno and Boots are a pair of pranksters at a boarding school in Canada.  By Gordon Korman. 1978-1995.

Mary Rose and Jo-Beth Mysteries

About a pair of sisters who live in Indiana and have adventures on road trips with their father. Written by Eth Clifford. 1979-1993.

Meg Duncan Mysteries

Meg and her best friend Kerry solve mysteries in their small Virginia town and other places along the east coast.  By Holly Beth Walker. 1967-1972, Reprinted 1978.

Nancy Drew Mysteries

Nancy Drew encounters and solves mysteries with her friends in her hometown of River Heights and around the world. By Carolyn Keene, A Stratemeyer Syndicate series. 1930-Present.

Old Black Witch Series

A witch who haunts an old house is horrified when someone buys it to turn it into a tearoom, but they end up becoming friends.  By Wende and Harry Devlin. 1963-1972.

Something Queer Mysteries

“Queer” as in strange, weird, mysterious.  No other sense of the word!  Two friends, Gwen and Jill, solve mysteries with the help of Jill’s dog, Fletcher, who loves salami.   By Elizabeth Levy. 1973-2003.

Strega Nona Series

Strega Nona is a witch in a small town. Big Anthony is an assistant that she hired to help her with chores but sometimes messes up because he doesn’t know what he’s doing or doesn’t listen to what Strega Nona says. 1975-2013.

Trixie Belden

A classic mystery series featuring a girl and her group of friends who solve mysteries and support good causes.  Created by Julie Campbell and continued by other authors. 1948-1986.

Wayside School Series

Short funny stories about a school that was accidentally built sideways.  Nothing normal ever happens at Wayside School!  By Louis Sachar. 1978-1995.


Going to School in 1776

This book was about schools and subjects that children would study around the beginning of the American Revolution.  It also talks about apprenticeships and other types of education and what it was like to grow up in Colonial America. By John J. Loeper.