Read Your Way Across 50 States!

Just for fun, I’ve compiled this list of books which take place in different states in the United States.  Some states might not have a book listed yet, but this site is always a work in progress (which is also the reason why I have book titles which don’t have descriptions or reviews yet, they will be filled in later)!  If the list gets too long (and it probably will at some point), I might decide to start giving individual states separate pages.  A couple of states have an official state children’s book.  If anyone would like to recommend a state-specific book, let me know!





The Mystery in Arizona

Part of the Trixie Belden series.  By Julie Campbell.


A group of children create a town of their own in the Arizona desert, using whatever they can find and their own imaginations.  By Alice McLerran.



Crazy Cousin Courtney Series

The hilarious escapades of Cathy and her crazy cousin Courtney in New York and California. By Judi Miller.

Journey to America Saga

A Jewish family flees Germany to escape World War II and struggles to establish themselves in America.  The stories cover the changes in their lives and how the daughters of the family deal with growing up in a new country after they eventually settle in California. By Sonia Levitin.

Peppermints in the Parlor

Newly orphaned Emily Luccock journeys to the home of her Aunt and Uncle Twice in San Francisco only to find that their home has been taken over by a sinister and mysterious woman.  By Barbara Brooks Wallace.

The Three Investigators Series



The Baby-Sitters Club Series





The Mystery of the Haunted Trail

When Brian visits his pen pal in Hawaii for the summer, he confronts a ghostly mystery based on Hawaiian legends.  By Janet Lorimer.



Molly, An American Girl Series

A Long Way from Chicago

Joey and Mary Alice live in Chicago during the Great Depression, but every summer, they go to stay with their grandmother in a small town in Illinois and get caught up in her hilarious escapades.  By Richard Peck.

A Year Down Yonder

When her father is out of work at the end of the Great Depression, Mary Alice goes to live with her eccentric grandmother in the country.  By Richard Peck.



Susan is a little girl during the 1800s, and she and her family make the journey from Kentucky to Indiana in a covered wagon.  She shares her adventures with her beloved doll, Abigail. By Portia Howe Sperry and Lois Donaldson.

Mary Rose and Jo-Beth Mysteries

About a pair of sisters who live in Indiana and have adventures on road trips with their father. Written by Eth Clifford.






Maine doesn’t have an official state children’s book, but high on my list of suggestions would be Abbie Against the Storm or Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie.  They are both about Abbie Burgess, who lived in the 1800s and is known for keeping her family’s lighthouse lit during a terrible storm in her father’s absence.  You can find other children’s books about Maine here.

Abbie Against the Storm

A picture book about the life of Abbie Burgess, who is known for keeping her family’s lighthouse lit in her father’s absence.  By Marcia Vaughan, illustrated by Bill Farnsworth.


Peter finds out that he’s going to have to share his family vacation with the awful Sheila and her family because the families have gone together to rent a house in Maine.  Worse than that, when romance blossoms between his grandmother and Sheila’s grandfather, will Peter and Sheila be able to stand becoming . . . relatives?  Part of the Fudge Series.  By Judy Blume.

Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie

A picture book about the life of Abbie Burgess, who is known for keeping her family’s lighthouse lit in her father’s absence.  This one was featured on Reading Rainbow.  By Peter Roop and Connie Roop, illustrated by Peter E. Hanson.

Miss Rumphius

Alice Rumphius is called the Lupine Lady because of her love of the flowers and for scattering seeds wherever she goes.  By Barbara Cooney.

Mystery of the Black-Magic Cave

Part of the Meg Duncan Mysteries series.  By Holly Beth Walker.

The Vandemark Mummy

Twelve-year-old Phineas Hall and his fifteen-year-old sister, Althea, have recently moved to Maine with their father, Professor Hall, because he got a job working at the small Vandemark College.  When the patriarch of the Vandemark family dies and leaves a real Egyptian mummy to the college, Professor Hall is put in charge of the exhibit, and the kids investigate the mystery that surrounds the mummy. By Cynthia Voigt.



Make Way for Ducklings

This is the Official State Children’s Book of Massachusetts!  A family of Mallards make their home in the Boston Public Gardens with the help of some friendly policemen.  By Robert McCloskey.

Sarah Morton’s Day

This book features a young girl who was an historical interpreter at Plimoth Plantation, a living history museum, playing the part of a real pilgrim girl who lived in 17th century Plymouth.  By Kate Waters.


Official State Children’s Book of Michigan: The Legend of Sleeping Bear by Kathy-jo Wargin

Flee Jay and Clarice Mysteries

Flee Jay Saylor investigates mysteries with her child genius sister, Clarice.  By Carol Farley.

Grandma’s Attic Series

A granddaughter passes on stories that her grandmother told her about growing up on a farm in Michigan during the 1800s.  The stories often have a Christian moral.  By Arleta Richardson.


Eagle-Eye Ernie

About a girl in elementary school who solves mysteries with the help of her friends, who call themselves The Martians.  By Susan Pearson.

Kirsten, An American Girl Series

Kirsten is a pioneer girl in the 1850s.  She comes to America from Sweden with her family, and they settle in Minnesota, which was then on the American frontier.





Tornado Jones

About an orphan boy who lives with relatives in 1950s Nebraska and has adventures with his friend, Paul.  By Trella Lamson Dick.


New Hampshire

The Haunted Hotel

Laura and Bill are visiting their Uncle Joe, who is the caretaker of a large hotel in New Hampshire. The hotel is closed for the winter, but the children investigate the ghost who supposedly haunts it and may have their uncle under her spell.  By Janet Adele Bloss.

New Jersey

Are You There, God?  It’s Me, Margaret

A pre-teen girl moves from New York to New Jersey and deals with issues of growing up and tries to decide what religion she should follow, asking some of the big questions in life and questioning what she really believes.  She was raised without a religion because one of her parents is Christian and the other is Jewish, and they wanted to allow her to decide for herself when she was old enough.  By Judy Blume.

Cheaper By the Dozen

Not specifically a children’s book, but appropriate for children.  It was a favorite of mine when I was young.  It was the inspiration for the modern Cheaper by the Dozen movies, but unlike the movies, it is about real people.  The father was an efficiency expert, not a football coach.  There is an older movie based more closely on the book.

In the Kaiser’s Clutch

A pair of twins star in a silent movie serial during World War I and learn that their father’s death was due to war-related sabotage, not an accident.

New Mexico

Josefina, An American Girl Series

Something Queer in the Wild West

This is part of the Something Queer Mysteries series.  Gwen and Jill visit a ranch in New Mexico and investigate a haunted barn.  By Elizabeth Levy.

New York

Anna, Grandpa, and the Big Storm

Anna’s grandfather has come to visit her family in New York City in 1888, but he doesn’t think the city is very interesting until he and Anna are caught on a train during the Great Blizzard that struck the city in that year and they have to band together with other people to help each other. By Carla Stevens.

Cousins in the Castle

When Amelia Fairwick hears that her father has been killed, she must go live with distant cousins in New York.  However, nothing is what it seems, and she finds herself at the center of a sinister plot.  By Barbara Brooks Wallace.

Crazy Cousin Courtney Series

The hilarious escapades of Cathy and her crazy cousin Courtney in New York and California. By Judi Miller.

Fudge Series

Peter Hatcher tells humorous stories about his little brother, Farley Drexel Hatcher, who everyone calls Fudge.

Samantha, An American Girl Series

Samantha is an orphan living with wealthy relatives in New York during the early 1900s.  She starts off living in a small town along the Hudson River with her grandmother and later moves to New York City to live with her uncle.

Trapped in Time

Audrey and her younger brother Nathan are having a picnic when they accidentally unearth an old pocket watch that transports them back in time to the Revolutionary War.

Trixie Belden

A classic mystery series featuring a girl and her group of friends who solve mysteries and support good causes.  They live in a small town near the Hudson River in New York state.  Created by Julie Campbell and continued by other authors.

North Carolina

North Dakota


The Secret of the Strawbridge Place

The story takes place in during the Great Depression when Kate learns a secret about her family’s home that dates back to the Civil War.  By Helen Pierce Jacob.



The Ramona Books

About the everyday adventures of a little girl living in Portland.  Her stories focus on her adventures at school and with family and how things change for her as she grows up.  By Beverly Cleary.

Wrapped in a Riddle

Miranda is living with her grandmother in Oregon while her scientist parents are away studying algae in Antarctica. Her grandmother owns a bed and breakfast called The Jumping Frog, which has a Mark Twain theme.  Mark Twain once stayed there years ago, and Miranda must solve a mystery concerning the theft of some letters written by Mark Twain. By Sharon E. Heisel.


Addy, An American Girl Series

Addy begins as a slave girl in the South during the Civil War.  She and her mother manage to escape and settle in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where they eventually reunite with other family members.

The Monster Hunter Series

J. Huntley English is a boy genius who also happens to believe in monsters and wants to find real ones.  With his friends, he investigates strange phenomena and odd people in their small town in Pennsylvania. By Drew Stevenson.

Sarah Capshaw Mysteries

About a girl who wants to be a detective and her two friends.  They investigate spooky mysteries in a small town in Pennsylvania. Written by Drew Stevenson.

Rhode Island

South Carolina

The Keeping Room

The son of a colonel in the revolutionary army during the American Revolution becomes the man of his family when his father is captured.  With British soldiers occupying his family’s house, young Joey does what he can to keep his family safe.

Mandie Books

A historical mystery series with Christian themes that takes place in turn-of-the-century South Carolina.  Amanda Shaw is an orphan with a mysterious past but who finds a new life with relatives she had never met.  By Lois Gladys Leppard.

South Dakota



The Legend of the Blue Bonnet




Robert and his best friend Soup have a reputation for getting into scrapes in their small town in Vermont during the 1920s.  By Robert Newton Peck.


Felicity, An American Girl Series

Felicity is a girl living in Virginia at the beginning of the American Revolution.

Mary Geddy’s Day

The girl playing the part of Mary Geddy at Colonial Williamsburg shows the kind of life a girl at the beginning of the American Revolution lived.  By Kate Waters.

Meg Duncan Mysteries

Meg and her best friend Kerry solve mysteries in their small Virginia town and other places along the east coast.  By Holly Beth Walker.


West Virginia



Washington, D.C.

Codebreaker Kids