This is a list of resources that may be helpful to people who are looking for specific books that may not be listed here.  Some are specifically geared to people who are trying to find books and others are lists, catalogues, or databases of books with descriptions and the options to search for specific ones.  If anyone knows of a resource that I haven’t included yet, let me know, and I’ll add it!  As always, this is a work in progress.

Book Descriptions


Sometimes, you can find what you’re looking for just by doing a keyword search and reading the product descriptions.  The downside is that not every book has a product description or a review written in enough detail to let you know whether it’s the one you’re thinking of or not.  However, there are places where you can ask questions about products or ask someone who has placed a review for more details.


People can give reviews and ratings for books they have read (both adults and children), and many of them have descriptions of the plots.  You can search for an individual book or browse by category.  In many cases, there are pages which list books in a series, and some people have made lists of books in a particular category, such as children’s books from specific decades.  The downside is that some older books or lesser-known ones may not have descriptions because no one has entered one yet.

Open Road Media

This site has descriptions for adult, young adult, and children’s books.  It’s an extensive collection with a search feature to help you locate specific books under various categories and links to places where you can buy the books.

Books on Specific Topics

If you’re looking for a very specific kind of book, there may be a site already dedicated to that topic.  For books from a specific decade, see the resources listed under each decade in the Books By Decade section.  You can find lists of books on different themes and topics that are described on this site under the Stats and Lists section.  Some of my special topics lists also have links to additional resources.

1000 Black Girl Books

It is exactly what it sounds like!  The goal, as explained on the site, is to find and catalogue 1000 books with black girls as main characters.  As of this writing, it is still a work in progress.  However, if you are looking for a book with a black girl as a main character, this is the place to go!  They also take suggestions and donations.

The 100 Best Children’s and YA Mysteries of the Past 10 Years

Because my site is geared specifically for nostalgic books that are at least 10 years old, it’s going to be awhile before any of these end up on this site.  The article was written in 2015.  If the book you’re looking for is a relatively recent mystery, you might try here.

Demian’s Gamebook Web Page

This is for books of the Choose Your Own Adventure variety, where readers make the choices about what characters in the story should do and the endings differ depending on the choices that the readers make.  The site lists different series and individual books within series.

List of Little Golden Books Titles

This is the best list of Little Golden Books I’ve seen so far.  It’s in alphabetical order, and if you click on individual titles, there are descriptions and cover pictures.  If you can’t find a Golden Book you’re looking for here, you might also consider looking at printed books.  There are guides to Golden Books written for collectors.

Vintage Series Books for Girls . . . and a Few for Boys

As the title suggests, most of the series described at this site are girls’ series, but there are some series aimed at boys as well.  They are all “vintage” books (roughly mid-20th century and earlier), and there are many Stratemeyer series here.  There is also a blog connected with this site.

Wikipedia — List of Stratemeyer Syndicate Series

The Stratemeyer Syndicate produced many children’s series over the course of decades, including some that people might not know where Stratemeyer books.  If what you’re looking for was an adventure or mystery story that was part of a series, especially if it might have been published prior to 1980, you might consider if it could have been one of these.

Resources for Teachers

These sites are specifically geared to help teachers to select books and plan activities.

Mysteries in the Classroom

Has descriptions of recommended mystery books of all levels, fiction and nonfiction (some of them are also covered on this site) plus suggestions for related activities.

Read Books Online

This is mainly for books old enough to be in the public domain.

Project Gutenberg

Provides free ebooks of books that are in the public domain.  Some of the older vintage series described on my site are here.

Searching Tips and Help

Some of these are ones I’ve already listed at the bottom of the main blog page.

Google Books — Advanced Book Search

You can look for a book through Google Books.  It will look for the keywords you provide in book descriptions and return suggestions.

Half-Remembered Children’s Books: Search Strategies

Offers suggestions for search strategies and additional resources.

How to Find a Book Without Knowing the Title or Author

A guide with search tips and additional resources.

Library Thing — Name That Book

A place where you can post inquiries for books you’re looking for along with some search tips.

Loganberry’s Stump the Bookseller

For a small fee, you can submit a description of a book you’re looking for to see if the bookstore employees or other readers of their blog recognize it and can tell you the title.  For free, you can read descriptions that others have sent in to see if there’s something that you recognize.

Looking for a Childhood Book?

Offers suggestions for search strategies and additional resources.

Thoughts About Children’s Literature

Our favorite books when we were young don’t lose their appeal as we get older.  In fact, many adults still love to read good children’s books.  Why?  I talk about it somewhat in my About page, but these people have some inspiring thoughts about children’s literature.

10 Reason to Read Children’s Books Instead of ‘Grown-Up’ Books

Why All Adults Should Read Children’s Books

Why I Read Children’s Books