These are lists of the children’s books on this site according to certain genres and themes and special pages about the connection between books and movies and other special topics.

Books By Decade

All of the books and series on this site, sorted by the decade of publication.

Books By State

A list of books that take place in different states in the United States.

Books by Country

A list of books that take place in different countries.

Historical Fiction by Period

This is the complete list of all the historical fiction on this site by period, including books that are not part of a series.

Books Based on Folk Tales

Books based on folk tales and fairy tales from around the world.


This is a list of books that read somewhat like fantasy or fairy tales, but no actual magic occurs or fantasy elements are left vague.

Pseudo-Ghost Stories

A list of books that are somewhat spooky or scary but do not have real ghosts (think Scooby-Doo-like stories).  Most fall under the category of mystery, but not all.

Books for Boys

Books with interesting boy characters.

Girls with Ambition

Books with girls who have particular ambitions in life or who have to overcome obstacles to achieve their goals.

Christian Books

Books and series with Christian themes.

Disney Movies from Books

A list of Disney movies that were based on books.

Other Movies from Children’s Books

Disney isn’t the only company that has used books for inspiration for movies.

Books That Should Be Movies

Books that I wish would be made into movies.

My Requests

Books that I halfway remember but not completely.  If anyone else recognizes them, please let me know what they are!

Similar Themes and Topics

If you’re looking for a book on a particular theme or one that resembles something that you’ve read, try here!

Girls and Their Dolls

Holiday Books

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Princess Books

Strange Adventures While Visiting People

Witch Books

Wizard Books

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As of 2/14/2018:

Oldest Book by Original Publishing Date: Abigail (1938) and The Five Chinese Brothers (1938)

Oldest Book by Printing Date: Angelo the Naughty One (1944)

Book with the Most Views: The Blue-Nosed Witch (69)

Series with the Most Views: Liza, Bill, and Jed Mysteries

Book with the Most Likes: Mystery on the Isle of Skye (12)

Book with the Most Comments: Mystery of the Black-Magic Cave