These are series of funny stories for anyone looking for a good laugh.  Not all of them will have entries for every book in the series because I may be missing books from a series.  I may fill in the gaps later, if I’m able to find a copy of one of the missing books.

Amelia Bedelia Series

Amelia Bedelia is a maid who frequently gets confused by figures of speech and words with multiple meanings.  By Peggy Parish and Herman Parish.

The Bastable Children Series

The Bastable siblings try to make money for their family when they fall on hard times and get themselves into one well-meaning scrape after another.  By E. Nesbit.  1899-1905.

Crazy Cousin Courtney Series

The hilarious escapades of Cathy and her crazy cousin Courtney in New York and California. By Judi Miller.

Double Trouble Series

The antics of a pair of twins who have a tendency to switch places.  By Michael J. Pellowski.

Fudge Series

Peter Hatcher tells humorous stories about his little brother, Farley Drexel Hatcher, who everyone calls Fudge.

The Herdmans Series

The Herdmans are the worst kids in town!  They’re bullies and thieves, and chaos follows them wherever they go.  But, they also have a way of making life in their town more interesting.  By Barbara Robinson.

MacDonald Hall Series

Also called the Bruno and Boots series.  Bruno and Boots are a pair of pranksters at a boarding school in Canada.  By Gordon Korman.

Pippi Longstocking Books

Pippi is a girl with red pigtails that stick out from her head and amazing strength who lives alone in a small town in Sweden.  Her father is king of an island of cannibals.

The Plant That Ate Dirty Socks Series

Michael and his brother Norman grow a pair of sock-eating plants.  By Nancy McArthur.

School Daze

A humorous series of children’s books about a group of friends in middle school. By Jerry Spinelli. 1991-1993.

Wayside School Series

Short funny stories about a school that was accidentally built sideways.  Nothing normal ever happens at Wayside School!  By Louis Sachar.