This section is for series that take place in the future, feature futuristic technology, or take place in outer space or on other planets.  Some of these series are based on popular tv or movie series, such as Star Trek and Star Wars (coming later).

Space Travel and Aliens

ColSec Trilogy

A group of dissidents sent into exile on an alien world struggle to survive and join with others to rebel against Earth’s oppressive government.  By Douglas Hill.

Kleep: Space Detective

Kleep is a girl who lives on another planet and solves unusual problems and mysteries with the help of her best friend, her robot, and her inventor grandfather.  By Joan Lowery Nixon.

My Teacher is an Alien Series

A group of three children discover that their teacher is actually an alien from another planet.

Star Trek Starfleet Academy

Based on the Star Trek television series.  Focuses on Spock, McCoy, and Kirk during their Academy years.  Written by different authors.

Imagined Futures

The Magician’s Apprentice Trilogy

In the far distant future, “magicians” try to reclaim long forgotten knowledge and technology, which they think of as “spells.” By Tom McGowen. 1987-1989.

Alternate History and Other Dimensions


Dinotopia is an island where humans and dinosaurs live together.  1992-2007.

Pendragon Series

A boy travels through different worlds to fight an evil villain and save the universe. By D.J. MacHale. 2001-2009.

Psychic Abilities

The Minds Series

In the far distant future, humans have evolved to the point that the things they imagine can change the nature of reality itself. By Carol Matas and Perry Nodelman. 1994-1999.

Science Experiments and Inventions

Miss Pickerell Series

Miss Pickerell is an elderly woman who has scientific adventures with her pet cow. 1951-1983.

The Plant That Ate Dirty Socks Series

Michael and his brother Norman grow a pair of sock-eating plants.  By Nancy McArthur.

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